Animated video for Envidom

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The organization Envidom who unites manufacturers of electrical appliances came to us with a request to create animated videos aiming to educate the viewers about the possibilities of recycling electrical appliances and conveying to them the message that old and unnecessary electrical appliances do not belong in the junkyard but in the collection yard. The first video is intended for students in the first years of elementary school and that is also why we chose a fairy tale form which – we believe – can convey this message to young viewers the most effectively.

The fairy tale has been based on a children’s theatre performance called “We don’t belong in the dump” and we edited the story so that it also works as an animated video and preserves the footage and dynamics which will keep a child viewer’s attention while taking away the message. . We are glad that talented Martin Žák and Lenka Hošková, who are also the creators of the original theatre performance, lent their voices to the characters.

Characters’ design

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